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Collaborators — Studio Tabo

3D Printed Luminaries

Exploring the aesthetic expression in 3D printed biocomposite, with the aim of highlighting the texture of a 3D printed surface, to reach a commercial potential. 

Details About the project
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Experimental design process — Textures

The art of letting go

Letting the manufacturing method, the FDM 3D printer, together with the material, a PLA and wood fiber based composite, decide the aesthetic outcome. With 3D-models designed with inspiration from nature, flowy shapes and clay.

The Process / Luminaries
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The Result Sustainable, tactile luminaries


The result — Luminaries

Decorative lights

The result is decorative luminaries, with textures achieved by levering the imperfections of 3D printing. Oak and linen details gives contrast and complete the outcome.


If we can use 3D printing in combination with biocomposite, with a wareness of the aesthetic expression in the technology, this can make room for more product categories in the future. We can also reduce waste in additive manufacturing, with textures that are less demanding in terms of perfection.

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