Collaborators — Länsmuseet Gävleborg

A playground that invites everyone to play

This playground is designed to look like the world heritage Hälsingegårdar. A concept designed to be placed at a Museum.


Just a little smaller in size, and especially adapted to involve all children in the play. Both with and without functional variations.


Details About the project
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Traveling back in time — Hälsingegårdar

Recreate a world heritage 

We took inspiration from what the farms looked like, what they were and how the people lived.


What materials were used, and what crops were grown. 

The Process / Accessability
The Result An including playground


The Concept— Accessible Playground

Design for All

A Playground concept for the Museum of Gävle, with a Hälsingegårdar Theme.


A playhouse where you can cook, play housing and easily fit a wheelchair. 

The barn includes puzzle games and hideaways for kids that need their space.


The backyard is filled with berry bushes, and everywhere there is animals to pet and ride. 

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