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Critical Design Concept — Flying rats

When whas the last time you cursed over a pigeon?

Just a few decades ago we put the dove on a pedestal. She was a war hero, a trophy, and Darwin's most important animal to mention in his works “The Origin of Species” 1859.

Today we have forgotten about the pigeon's spectacular features, and yet they depend on us due to thousands years of domestication. Many call them flying rats and curses over their littering. As remedies, pigeon spikes are set up to prevent the pigeons to stay in the environments the human has seized.
Who gave the  humans the right to take the
largest place in the public space?

Details About the project
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Critical design process — The process

When the user is a pigeon

When designing for pigeons, you have to become the pigeon. After hours of research, from documentaries to on-site investigations, you are starting to get to know the bird and can make their Persona.  

The Process / The Pigeon Bench
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The Result / Excluding design


The result — Reverse Design

A Bench that excludes humans

The critical design process resulted in the same exclusion methods used by humans against the pigeons.

The bench could exist in a parallel world where the pigeons are owners in the public sector.

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