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Collaborators — BillerudKorsnäs

Packaging Remake

FiberForm is a sustainable, strong, flexible, malleable paper, which has great potential to replace several plastic packages. I chose to challenge today's video game packaging, which is often large, and contains a lot of plastic to contain a small product.

Details About the project
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Exploration — The process

Material Tinkering

You must first get to know the material in order to know where to apply it.

If you can knit, shape and tie a strip of paper, without braking it, you know it has to be strong. 

The Process / Experimentation
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The Result / FibreForm Packaging


The result — An alternative to plastics

Feel the cover with your hands

With this alternative, you can feel the front cover with your hands, like braille, and a new dimension is discovered. For everyone. 

The paper is pressed against a 3D mold, and then made into this  packaging for Unravel 2 for display. 

The size was decided through user studies.

For fun, I did a paper Yarny to come with the game. 

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