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Collaborators — Edsbyn & The Wood Region


A sustainable cabinet door, in a biocomposite made of wood fiber and PLA, inspired by Swedish history and craft traditions. Designed for Edsbyn's Access Cabinet, and printed with a large scale 3D-printer at The Wood Region.

Exploration of textures and patterns with the task of providing aesthetic value and warmth to office environments. 

Details About the project
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Swedish craftMeets new teqniques

The Heritage

With inspiration from Hälsningland's Museum and Swedish craft traditions, we wanted to apply the cozy warmth in today's cold office environments.


We went through everything from kurbits to inspiration from birch bark, and ended with a tactile pattern, inspired by old doors.

The Process / Heritage
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The Result / A sustainable, 3D printed cabinet door


The result — For the cozy office


A cabinet door that makes today’s office connect to Hälsingland's history and creates warmth, character and personality.


Besides the visual appearance, the cabinet door also have a surface that requires to be explored tactilely, and the three dimensional pattern provides a vivid shadow play depending on how the light hits the door.

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