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I love the idea of how design and 

communication that engages all our senses 

makes people interact, react and feel.

About Emma Eriksson
Fästpunkt 1


Bachelor of Science / Industrial Design

Google Professional (ongoing) /  UX Design Certificate

Boomtown Music Education / Music Academy

Courses / Graphic Design and Environmental Psychology


  • Obsessed with crafting the details.

  • Problem solver

  • Energetic collaborator

  • Forward thinking

  • Embracing the experimental phase, and constantly looking for weird materials to put in PLA

What you will find out about me soon enough anyway:

Sore loser / will be OK eventually if I get some sweets (licorice dates or chocolate will do) after a lost game

Enjoys "dad" jokeslet's rename these to Magnificent Mom Jokes

I’m interested in the space where

humans meet both the digital and physical,

and where design meets technology, to create

sustainable, interesting and beautiful solutions.

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