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Collaborators — Lith Lith Lundin

Material Exploration

The task was to find different materials within a five mile radius, tinkering and experiment with them and discover new useful materials that can be applied to a product.

Details About the project
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Experiment — Discover

Material Tinkering

Exploration of materials found in our immediate area.


We experimented with, among other things, tinder fungus, rose hips, bulrush, milk thistle, chestnuts and algae. In the end, we stuck to the tick, with its properties that can be compared to both wood and leather, depending on how it is processed.

The Process / New Materials
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The Result A new way to display a tinder fungus


The result — A Material Demonstrator

Tinder Lights

The light board shows different properties of the material and the process. The board is the base of the candle lantern and anchors the candles, as well as the tick. Neutralized and fireproof through heat treatment.

The project was displayed in a exhibition at University of Gävle in 2019.

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